Tulum Real Estate ? Alternative Investment in Condos

While much of the current focus in Tulum real estate investment is on land purchases – an excellent choice to say the least – there are also other investment options with very high potential. One of these are the high-quality Mexico condo developments beginning to appear in the downtown area.


Two new developments demonstrate the possibility. One is located at the center of the downtown’s main activity for development and growth. It is a very short walk from a large supermarket, and a new Walmart that is being built, as well as Tulum’s main street. The beach is a short distance away, ideal for biking. Preconstruction discounts point to a virtually guaranteed appreciation, not even considering the rise in value to be seen in Tulum in the near future. Units start at $ 115,000 USD.


Another new development offers a modern design, providing a rich contrast to the surrounding jungle. Only a little further from the beach, it is located on the other side of downtown (still only about 5 minutes, at the most.) The complex offers a variety of properties, including studios, two story, 2 bedroom units, and some villas with 3 bedrooms. Features such as granite counters and stainless appliances are included in the kitchen, and all rooms are air-conditioned. The complex has a shared pool, parking and gated security (24 hours.) Once again, low pre-construction prices starting at $ 135,000 USD point to rapid value increase.

Tulum has been gaining growing amount of attention as a tourist destination in recent years. Tourism in this little village started with the creation of Cancun 40 years ago, with day excursions to visit the ancient Mayan pyramid site, which overlooks the ocean. Over time a eco-friendly hotel district and an area of shops and restaurants developed, later leading to full resort sites. Tulum has placed focus on retaining its environmental focus, and for this reason has gained special attention from many international real estate buyers. Most recently, plans for an international airport just outside of town promises to bring a new wave of tourism, and higher demand for properties – hence, all the focus on buying land.


What sets these condos and similar projects apart as ideal Mexico property investments is that they are properties ready for use, and already hold potential for generating vacation-rental income, meaning as tourism grows, the value of these properties will grow even further. In addition, they require less additional investment, and will hold an easier appeal for resale.


While there’s no doubt that land is a great investment in Tulum, condos should also not be overlooked as an option, especially for those looking for the possibility of quicker return.


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